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Title reads: Paghahanap kay Maura. Searching for Maura. Illustration of a woman’s eye, peering toward the viewer.
A graphic novel page that shows a crowd of Filipinos stand in front of a large ship. One White American man stands almost out of view, looking on the scene.  Text reads: February 1904. In Manila, Maura and more than 230 other Filipinos from across the islands boarded the Shawmut, a commercial ship.  A silhouette of a ship at sea.
A page with a view from outside a train window. The train car is crowded with many people. A young boy leans on the windowsill.  Text reads: They traveled by train from Tacoma to St. Louis for five days.  A wide view shows a train entering a mountain pass. Steam billows from its engine.
“Searching for Maura” graphic novel (English & Filipino)

“Searching for Maura” graphic novel (English & Filipino)

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Maura came to St. Louis from the Philippines to be put on display at the 1904 World’s Fair. She soon fell ill and died, and records suggest a world-renowned anthropologist took part of her brain. Few people would know what happened to her for more than a century. In this 48-page graphic novel, The Post illustrates Maura's life and death as part of a yearlong investigation into the Smithsonian Institution's collection of brains and other body parts.

This special edition English-Filipino bundle contains "Searching for Maura" and “Paghahanap kay Maura."